So in a NaBloPo Twitter chat yesterday, the question was asked: What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

My response:

Twitter shot dust comment

It received several  ReTweets and favorites — and this response.

dust writing material for a year

To which I responded …

wriing about dust

To which I received:

I would read that ode

I'd totally read that

read poetry class

dust ball do it


So of course, getting the encouragement of my peers (and caving to the slightest bit of peer pressure — positive peer pressure I can assure you), I answered their “Call for the Dust Ode” in this way …

dust 27 more days



So now the challenge is on. I now have fodder for multiple posts centering around the ever-present, world renowned Dust Ball and the creation of my epic ode to it. And 27  26 more days to write it.

So let’s raise our proverbial glasses and toast …
  • To the Dust Ball for its daily inspiration!
  • To BlogHer for hosting the Twitter Chat that started it all!
  • To the blogging community for your support and encouragement!
  • And to 26 more days of #NaBloPoMo!


What do you want to be when you grow up? Parents, teachers and relatives have been asking kids as young as two and three this age-old question since the beginning of time it seems. Or at least since the labor associated with survival began to meld into what we now know as “the professional world.” But really. Does anyone […]

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Quite frequently I post about starting over. I recommit to posting on this blog. I jump into a new fitness and/or diet plan, and promise myself “This time I will see it through to the end.” I sit down with psychiatrists and therapists, and talk about the benefits of being on and off medication, and then convince […]

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I have a habit of blogging more and often when I’m feeling confused, angry, out of control, lost … Basically, when things aren’t going well in my life, I blog — A LOT! But this past year that wasn’t the case. In fact, I could probably count the times I blogged on Renaissance Mom on […]

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Ask my kids and all three will tell you, “Mom’s a clutter freak.” I hate it. I feel confined by it. I panic about it, and just knowing a pile of clutter lurks behind a closed door is enough to send me into a full blow panic attack. Yet my house is still filled to […]

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I’m losing my mind. Seriously, this is no joke. I no longer know whether where I’m going — physically and mentally. I got lost making my way out of the Price Chopper parking lot the other day. I was confused and discombobulated and had to pull over to figure out where I was an how […]

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After a two-day extension to by trip due to the snowstorms in the the Northeast (yeah, feel bad for me, right?), I am finally on my way home. I’m actually sitting at the Orlando airport with families toting Disney stuffed animals and sporting Mickey ears, awaiting boarding. And man, am I ready. I miss my […]

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Note: This is the third in a series of posts from sunny Florida. Yup, I’m in Florida on a self-imposed respite and retreat to focus on getting healthy — mentally and physically. Hopefully it works! This Florida escape of mine might have been spurred on by a change of meds that caused my body and mind […]

My Self-imposed Respite and Retreat  |  3 Comments

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